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Baby’s skin is delicate and needs special care with new born baby products. We dedicate ourselves to delivering the best baby products to protect, nourish, and encourage your child’s growth. We know every parent wants the best for their child.

Mateo, the best baby skin care products brand understands the baby’s needs the best baby products in India. We have meticulously chosen a wide selection of gentle, safe products made with your baby’s skin needs in mind. Mateo baby products are safe with a pH scale of 5.5 that matches your baby’s skin. We believe your loved ones enjoy our new born baby products. We are more concerned with your baby’s safety and deliver dermatologically tested and scientifically designed  baby products.

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About pH5.5

Baby’s delicate skin should be maintained with a pH of 5.5 or with great care. In order to lessen the likelihood of skin problems, it is frequently utilised in the creation of baby skincare products, such as pH 5.5 body wash, shampoo, and soap. Use products with a pH close to the skin’s natural pH to prevent disrupting the acid mantle and lessen the chance of irritation or dryness.

Products for baby care are chosen cautiously and with great attention. Look for items that are particularly mild for newborns and have a pH balance. Additional steps to maintain a baby’s skin comfortable and healthy are routine nappy changes, strict adherence to a skincare regimen, and good hygiene.

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Mothers' Recommendation

Must Try!!

I heartily suggest Mateo childcare products to all parents. They have won my confidence and become crucial to my baby's daily routine. As their products are safe, effective with the best results I'm providing my child with the necessary care.

Mrs. Joshika Yadav
Mother of 1 year old Angel

What great products

The product's efficacy is exceptional. Each of their products, whether mild baby shampoo, moisturising lotion, or diaper cream, functions well. My baby's skin is soft, fed, and safe. My baby's hair is clean and lustrous after using the shampoo, with no dryness or irritation.

Mrs. Pooja Gupta
Mother of 3 years old Rockstar

Best of all!

As a mother of two babies, I cannot express enough how vital it is to select the appropriate infant care items for your child. I've enjoyed using Mateo baby care products and am pleased with the best outcomes.

Mrs. Sunita Gandhi
Mother of 2 angels

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