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Mateo Baby Cleansing Bar – 75gm (Pack of 3)


Step inside a world where every bath becomes such a loving embrace, with Mateo Baby Cleansing Bar Pack of 3. The harmony born of purity and care that transforms your child’s skincare experience altogether!

Start with our cleansing bars specially developed for the soft skin of your child. Enjoy the magic of bathing, where every touch carries with it all that is good and a promise to your child: expert care. You don’t just bathe your baby; it is love and Mateo Baby ensures that the moment transcends to something profound.

Chemical-Free Bliss: Enjoy the simplicity of a chemical-free formulation, and indulge your baby’s skin in uncompromising nature uncompromised.

Hypoallergenic Marvel: Ideal for the most delicate skin, Mateo Baby Cleansing Bars are hypoallergenic; a bath prepared with no irritation.

Optimal pH 5.5 Balance: Balance it out at pH level 5.5, and ensure that your baby’s skin is always in harmony with natural resistance to environmental factors.

Dermatologically Tested Confidence: Sleep soundly as every Mateo Baby Cleansing Bar has gone through strict dermatological screening for safety and effectiveness on par with demanding requirements.

Paediatrician’s Choice: Paediatricians recommend this Mateo cleansing bar that represents the confidence and specialist knowledge of professionals who are aware of how your baby’s skin develops.

Let your baby indulge in the world of his bliss with Mateo Baby Cleansing Bar Pack of 3 – every bath becomes a celebration, as you see their skin glowing and smiling just like him.



How to use

  • Use newborn best baby soap for your baby to gently cleanse your baby’s skin.
  • Wet Your Baby
  • Create a lather on your hand and gently apply it on the baby’s entire body and face.
  • Rinse off thoroughly.

This best baby soap for dry skin is infused with moisturiser to keep baby’s skin from drying out. This mild infant soap bar is easy to handle and delicate enough to apply over your baby’s entire body, including his or her face.


Does the Mateo Baby Bar is Skin-Friendly for New Born Babies?

Yes, Mateo’s best baby soap bar is skin-friendly for newborn babies as it is made of natural ingredients and maintains pH 5.5 which is vital for the development of acid mantle and protects baby’s skin. It is also enriched with Vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin.

What Is Special About Mateo Baby Bar?

Mateo Baby Bar, the best baby soap for dry skin in India, is specially designed for babies with soft and sensitive skin. It is formulated in such a way as to provide special care to babies with great love and care.

How Does a Newborn’s Best Baby Soap Differ From Adult Soaps?

Babies have milder and softer skin.  Best baby soap for dry skin is scientifically designed and clinically tested. Usually, the baby’s skin is slightly acidic and the best bar for newborn babies should have pH 5.5 to protect their soft skin. Adult skins have relatively higher pH levels. Adult soaps are rougher and harsher, which may irritate a baby’s sensitive skin.

How Much Baby Soap We Need To Apply On Baby?

No need to lather up a lot of tear-free baby soap on the baby. Just ensure that you make a light lather with the baby bar and wash the baby’s whole body except for the hair.

Is It Appropriate To Use a Baby Bar On My Baby’s Scalp?

You should not use natural baby soap on your baby’s scalp. Instead, use gentle baby shampoo to wash the child’s scalp once or twice a week. Be sure that shampoo does not get into the baby’s eyes or ears.


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