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Mateo Baby Massage Oil – 100ml (Pack of 3)


Take baby care to the next level with Mateo Baby Massage Oil Pack of Three – a divine triad- tender all that turn each gentle rub into an act of pure love and nourishment!

Our Massage Oil is crafted in the magic world of babyhood, where each touch carries an opportunity for a memory that will be treasured forever and ever. Reveal the mystery of a bonding that feels like heaven when your baby’s skin absorbs every drop of oil created by Mateo specifically for you. This is no ordinary massage, this is the celebration of true connection.

Chemical-Free Serenity: Let your baby experience the purity of nature with a formulation that has no chemicals at all and make every massage session a nourishing ritual without any compromise.

Hypoallergenic Elegance: Designed specifically with the most delicate skin in mind, Mateo Baby Massage Oil is hypoallergenic, ensuring that it not only relaxes but also nourishes without a risk of irritation.

Optimal pH 5.5 Balance: Love the ideal compatibility with a pH level of 5.5, staying balanced to maintain your baby’s skin continuity and build up his resistance towards outside factors.

Dermatologically Tested Assurance: Enjoy the security that accompanies a dermatological trial and results in each drop of Mateo Baby Massage Oil as safe (and effective) as possible, at market parity.

Paediatrician’s Blessing: Paediatricians recommend this massage oil, which draws its power from the trust and expertise that professionals instil as they address the changing nature of your baby’s skin.

Use the Mateo Baby Massage Oil Pack of 3 to savour the bliss in crafting precious moments as each gentle touch becomes a love utterance, with your baby’s skin feeling adored and nourished.




How To Use Best Oil For Newborn Massage

  • Take the baby body massage oil between your palms.
  • Gently massage with oil in circular motions.
  • Use Different Massage Techniques
  • Enjoy the special moment to bond with your baby.

Massaging your baby with our oil creates a beautiful bonding experience between parent and child. The gentle touch and soothing aroma help relax the baby and the parent, fostering a sense of closeness and love.


Is it safe to use newborn baby massage oil?

It is formulated with gentle and natural ingredients suitable for newborns and infants. However, it is always recommended to perform a patch test on a small area of your baby’s skin before applying the oil for the first time to ensure no adverse reactions.

How often should I use the best oil for newborn baby massage?

The frequency of baby massage can vary based on personal preference and your baby’s needs. Many parents massage their baby once or twice a day, incorporating it into their daily routine.

Can I use the baby body massage oil for other purposes, such as moisturising or removing the cradle cap?

Mateo baby body massage oil is primarily designed for massage purposes but can also help keep your baby’s skin moisturised, soft, and nourished.

Can I warm the baby’s body massage oil before using it?

You can warm the baby’s body and massage oil slightly by placing the bottle in warm water or rubbing it between your hands.

Is the massage oil organic?

Mateo massage oil contains organic ingredients, as we prioritise using natural and safe ingredients and strive to source organic ingredients whenever possible. Please refer to the product label or description for specific details about the organic content.


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