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Mateo Baby Shampoo – 200 ml (Pack of 2)


Mateo Baby Shampoo combo allows you to feel the tender care for your little one’s delicate hair. Transform your baby’s hair care act with our precision-engineered formula, not just designed for cleansing but also luxury. Discover why our Mateo Baby Shampoo is the ideal choice for your baby:

Continuous Care in a Convenient Pack: 

Mateo Baby Shampoo Pack gives you uninterrupted care for your baby’s hair making it a constant supply of goodies.

Gentle and Tear-Free Elegance: 

Allow your baby to experience a soothing and tearless bath time with the help of our shampoo which has a mild formula.

Pure and Gentle Formulation:

Experience the confidence of using baby shampoo that is free from harsh chemicals, and brings tender care to your little one’s delicate scalp.

Hypoallergenic Bliss:

With hypoallergenic properties, our shampoo is suitable for all skin types; soft and caring touch even a baby’s delicate skin.

pH 5.5 Balanced Harmony:

Our shampoo does not disrupt your baby’s natural pH balance of 5.5, thus preventing any irritation and ensuring a good healthy scalp for growing dreadlocks!

Dermatologically Tested Assurance:

Dermatologist-tested for safety and efficiency, our baby shampoo assures you that your baby’s hair is receiving the best special care.

With our Mateo Baby Shampoo – Pack of 2, turn baby’s hair care into a luxurious and tender moment. Revel in the peace of mind that comes with every richly lathering experience, leaving your baby’s hair clean, soft and affectionately pampered. Because your little one deserves nothing but the best.



How to use Mateo Baby Shampoo

  • Pour a small amount of shampoo onto the palm.
  • Dilute it with water.
  • Apply it to the baby’s hair.
  • Gently massage and rinse well.

Is Mateo Baby Shampoo safe for my baby’s sensitive scalp?

Yes, It is specifically formulated with a gentle and safe formula suitable for your baby’s sensitive scalp. This no-tears shampoo is free from harsh chemicals, sulphates, and parabens, ensuring a mild and gentle cleansing experience.

Can I use Mateo Baby Shampoo on my newborn baby?

Absolutely! Mateo Baby Shampoo is carefully crafted to be safe and gentle for newborn babies. Its natural and nourishing formula is designed to provide the utmost care for your little one’s delicate hair.

Will Mateo Newborn Shampoo irritate my baby’s eyes?

No, It is no tears shampoo. It is designed to be gentle on your baby’s eyes and scalp, ensuring a comfortable and tear-free bathing experience.

How often should I use Newborn Shampoo on my baby’s hair?

The frequency of using Mateo’s best baby shampoo in India can vary depending on your baby’s needs and preferences. Generally, using it 2-3 times a week during bath time is sufficient to keep your baby’s hair clean and healthy.

Does Infant Shampoo contain any allergens?

Mateo Baby Shampoo is formulated to be hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. However, it’s important to note that individual sensitivities and allergies can vary. If you have any concerns about specific ingredients, we recommend performing a patch test on a small area of your baby’s skin before regular use.

What Is The Average Baby Shampoo Price in India?

Depending on the brand and quantity, baby shampoo prices in India range from INR 100 to INR 500 or more. The brands that usually involve special characteristics like organic or hypoallergenic may cost more compared to other ordinary shampoo brands.


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