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Mateo Baby Tip to Toe Wash and Mateo Massage Oil(Combo Pack)


Formulated with the delicate needs of your baby’s sensitive skin in mind, this thoughtful combination transcends simple bathing time into a soothing regime with carefully crafted ingredients.

Mateo Baby Body Wash:

Swaddle your baby in pure goodness with Mateo Baby Body Wash, a specifically developed cleanser that addresses the special needs of sensitive baby skin. This mild, healthy body wash is made out of a hypoallergenic and pH 5.5 stable formulation that has no harmful chemicals contained in it while maintaining the natural acidity level within your baby’s skin. Sensitive to skin, this body wash creates a dense and tear-free lather cleansing your baby’s skin without irritations while leaving it soft and clean.

Mateo Baby Massage Oil:

What goes hand in hand with the body wash is Mateo Baby Massage Oil, a luxury that has been designed to moisturise and nourish your baby’s delicate skin. This massage oil is prepared with utmost care and attention to ensure that it is hypoallergenic and not harmful to your skin. Its gentle formula ensures that it can be used safely for the most tender baby skin where every massage is so peaceful and serene. With the light touch of this oil, your baby’s skin feels supple and moistened in a loving relaxing manner.

Together, the Mateo Baby Body Wash and Mateo Massage Oil form a harmonious ritual that goes beyond simple cleansing. It turns into a moment of connection and caring when you can kiss your kids with the purest love. This powerful team is full of safety and tenderness, this lavish experience gives your baby’s skin clean and soft as well as saturated with the wholesomeness that he or she deserves.



How To Use Baby Tip to Toe Wash 

  • Warm water should be used to wet the baby’s body.
  • Squeeze a good quantity of the best body wash for newborns onto your hand
  • Massage the infant’s body wash gently into your baby’s skin in circular strokes, giving special attention to rough or dry spots.
  • Thoroughly rinse with water.

How To Use Baby Massage Oil 

  • Take the baby body massage oil between your palms.
  • Gently massage with oil in circular motions.
  • Use Different Massage Techniques
  • Enjoy the special moment to bond with your baby.

Massaging your baby with our oil creates a beautiful bonding experience between parent and child. The gentle touch and soothing aroma help relax the baby and the parent, fostering a sense of closeness and love.


What is special about Mateo’s head-to-toe wash for babies?

Mateo, the best baby body wash in India is the best head-to-toe wash for babies which maintains a pH of 5.5 considering baby soft skin. It is enriched with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Avocado Oil to keep your lovely little one’s skin soft and hydrated. It prevents dryness and makes your baby feel comfortable.

What exactly is moisturising body wash?

Baby body wash is a moisturising liquid soap designed to moisturise your baby’s skin. Furthermore, it has been rigorously shown to leave your baby moisturised after just one shower – without leaving your baby feeling greasy.

Is it safe to use newborn baby massage oil?

It is formulated with gentle and natural ingredients suitable for newborns and infants. However, it is always recommended to perform a patch test on a small area of your baby’s skin before applying the oil for the first time to ensure no adverse reactions.

Can I use the baby body massage oil for other purposes, such as moisturising or removing the cradle cap?

Mateo baby body massage oil is primarily designed for massage purposes but can also help keep your baby’s skin moisturised, soft, and nourished.




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