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Mateo Baby Care Collection-Mateo Baby Body Wash(2ooml), Baby Rashfree Cream(60gm), Baby Massage Oil(100ml)


Introducing Mateo Baby Care Trio the perfect triad of baby care products for a healthy and enjoyable family time with your little one. Swaddle your baby in the tender feel of these thoughtfully created basics, conceived with love and devotion so that his skin stays pristine, nourished and guarded.

Mateo Baby Body Wash: 

  • Our body wash is free from harmful chemicals offering a pure and gentle cleansing experience for your baby.
  • Suitable for even the most sensitive skin – hypoallergenic formula.
  • Balanced to pH 5.5 for your baby’s skin health.
  • Tested for safety and effectiveness on the dermis.
  • Clean well, making your baby feel fresh and comfortable each time after bathing.

Mateo Baby Rashfree Cream:

  • Formulated without harmful additives, our Rashfree Cream acts as a barrier against diaper rashes.
  • The formulation is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin care.
  • Balanced for pH 5.5
  • Tested for safety and efficacy.
  • It soothes and prevents pain, keeping your baby happy and rash-free.

Baby Massage Oil:

  • Formulated and free from harmful chemicals, our massage oil offers a soothing nurturing sensation while giving out a baby massage.
  • Composition is hypoallergenic for the most sensitive skin.
  • pH 5. 5 balanced to support the best health of your baby’s skin.
  • Dermatologically tested and assures the best safety.
  • It promotes relaxation and feeding, allowing you to connect with your baby lovingly.

The Mateo Baby Care Trio is not just a skincare program; it’s about the health of your baby. Through our commitment to being free from harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic formulas, pH 5.5. With responsiveness and thorough dermatological testing of each product, Mateo can ensure that every item provides a gentle pleasant feeling for your baby’s sensitive skin.




Why should I use the Mateo Baby Care Trio for my baby’s daily skincare?

Mateo Baby Care Trio, consisting of baby body wash and rash-free cream included in the set with massage oil for a healthy spending time with your little one. Committed to chemical-free, hypoallergenic formulas with pH 5.5 balance and dermatological testing that ensure your baby’s skin is pure, healthy & protected.

What is special about Mateo’s head-to-toe wash for babies?

Mateo, the best baby body wash in India is the best head-to-toe wash for babies which maintains a pH of 5.5 considering baby soft skin. It is enriched with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Avocado Oil to keep your lovely little one’s skin soft and hydrated. It prevents dryness and makes your baby feel comfortable.

How does Mateo Diaper Rash Cream work?

Mateo baby diaper rash cream contains a carefully formulated blend of ingredients that target the underlying causes of skin rashes. It works by soothing and calming the affected area, reducing rashes and irritation. The cream also moisturises and nourishes the skin, promoting the healing process.

Is it safe to use newborn baby massage oil?

It is formulated with gentle and natural ingredients suitable for newborns and infants. However, it is always recommended to perform a patch test on a small area of your baby’s skin before applying the oil for the first time to ensure no adverse reactions.


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