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Mateo Baby Shampoo and Mateo Cleansing Bar(Combo Pack)


Introduce your little one to the delicate care of Mateo Baby Shampoo and Cleansing Bar set. With the Mateo Baby Shampoo, your baby’s bath will be tear-free, providing you with a stress-free time. With the Mateo Cleansing Bar, this duet provides a gentle cleansing option for your baby’s delicate skin. The mild ingredients used in the cleansing bar ensure cleaning without aggravating damage.

  • The hypoallergenic formulation ensures a gentle cleanse suitable for even the most fragile baby skin.
  • Dermatologically tested, giving the guarantee of safety and efficacy for your baby’s fragile skin.
  • The shampoo does not contain harmful chemicals, which ensures the health of your baby’s skin and eyes.
  • Combined with the Mateo Cleansing Bar, it is designed for a tender wash without any difficulties.
  • The pH 5.5 balance of the cleansing bar keeps your baby’s skin in its natural acidity for good health.
  • Ensures 100% delicate and gentle cleansing solution that caresses your baby’s skin.
  • The tear-free shampoo paired with the gentle cleansing bar gives a comforting and nurturing bath time feeling.
  • Softens your baby’s skin and hair leaving it a fresh, delicate fragrance of pure love.


How to use Baby Bar 

  • Use newborn best baby soap for your baby to gently cleanse your baby’s skin.
  • Wet Your Baby
  • Create a lather on your hand and gently apply it on the baby’s entire body and face.
  • Rinse off thoroughly.

This best baby soap for dry skin is infused with moisturiser to keep baby’s skin from drying out. This mild infant soap bar is easy to handle and delicate enough to apply over your baby’s entire body, including his or her face.

How to use Baby Shampoo

  • Pour a small amount of shampoo onto the palm.
  • Dilute it with water.
  • Apply it to the baby’s hair.
  • Gently massage and rinse well.

Regular use of our baby shampoo can contribute to your baby’s lush and beautiful hair.


Is Mateo Baby Shampoo safe for my baby’s sensitive scalp?

Yes, It is specifically formulated with a gentle and safe formula suitable for your baby’s sensitive scalp. This no-tears shampoo is free from harsh chemicals, sulphates, and parabens, ensuring a mild and gentle cleansing experience.

How often should I use Newborn Shampoo on my baby’s hair?

The frequency of using Mateo’s best baby shampoo in India can vary depending on your baby’s needs and preferences. Generally, using it 2-3 times a week during bath time is sufficient to keep your baby’s hair clean and healthy.

What Is Special About Mateo Baby Bar?

Mateo Baby Bar, the best baby soap for dry skin in India, is specially designed for babies with soft and sensitive skin. It is formulated in such a way as to provide special care to babies with great love and care.

How Much Baby Soap We Need To Apply On Baby?

No need to lather up a lot of tear-free baby soap on the baby. Just ensure that you make a light lather with the baby bar and wash the baby’s whole body except for the hair.


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