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Mateo Baby Care Collection – Mateo Baby Moisturizing Lotion(200ml), Baby Cleansing Bar(75gm), Baby Shampoo(200ml)


Mateo Baby Skincare Essentials Trio – a delicate synergy of our three moisturising, cleansing and gentle shampoo range created to pamper your little one. Fully immerse your baby in the purest, most soothing bath time moments where delicate skin remains soft and smiling.

Mateo Baby Moisturising Lotion:

  • Our lotion is free from harmful chemicals and embraces the spirit of natural care for your baby.
  • The hypoallergenic formula guarantees that the most sensitive skin can also use it.
  • pH 5.5 balanced to neutralise your baby’s skin acidity for good health.
  • Dermatologically tested, promising safety and tenderness.
  • Nourishing and moisturising with silky softness your baby’s skin.

Baby Cleansing Bar:

  • Our cleansing bar is a gentle and pure cleanser, which has been made without using harsh chemicals.
  • Soothing and delicate touch for your baby’s skin; hypoallergenic composition.
  • pH 5.5 balanced to facilitate the natural balance of your baby’s skin.
  • Tested dermatologically for safety and effectiveness.
  • Removes accumulated dirt effectively leaving your baby fresh and comfortable every time.

Baby Shampoo:

  • 100% free from harmful additives, our baby shampoo provides gentle and nurturing cleansing for your child’s hair and scalp.
  • Hypoallergenic tear-free and gentle formula for bath time routine.
  • pH 5.5 balanced to support a healthy scalp for your baby’s precious locks.
  • Undergone rigorous dermatological testing for the safety of baby skin.
  • Cleanses and moisturises, making your baby’s hair soft, shimmering and irresistibly sweet.



What are the possible benefits of Mateo Baby Skincare Essentials Trio to my baby’s skin health?

The Trio is made with great care to ensure that bath time becomes caring and secure. And because each product is free of harmful chemicals, has hypoallergenic formulations with a perfect pH balance that’s at 5.5 and goes through stringent dermatological testing; Mateo makes sure your baby’s skin stays calm, clean & curious to smile after every bath.

Does the Mateo Baby Bar is Skin-Friendly for New Born Babies?

Yes, Mateo’s best baby soap bar is skin-friendly for newborn babies as it is made of natural ingredients and maintains pH 5.5 which is vital for the development of acid mantle and protects baby’s skin. It is also enriched with Vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin.

Is this body lotion suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, natural ingredients present in the body lotion soothe sensitive skin and smoothen it.

Is Mateo Baby Shampoo safe for my baby’s sensitive scalp?

Yes, It is specifically formulated with a gentle and safe formula suitable for your baby’s sensitive scalp. This no-tears shampoo is free from harsh chemicals, sulphates, and parabens, ensuring a mild and gentle cleansing experience.



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