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Mateo Moisturizing Lotion

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Mateo best baby body lotion and moisture-rich natural baby lotion provide soothing hydration, deep nutrition, and extreme moisturization. Ideal for regular delicate skincare regimens as well as treating significant skin issues such as eczema and damaged skin. All of these products have been clinically tested to deliver long-lasting hydration for the entire body. Ingredients like shea butter, and milk protein of the best natural baby lotion are used to enhance moisture and softness in the skin.


Aloe vera 155, Rose Extract 1%, Saffron Extract 0.1%, Shea Butter 2%, Tocopherol, (Natural Vit E) 2%, Hydrolyzed milk protein 2%, Apricot oil 2%, Vanilla Extract 1%, Jojoba oil 5%, Wheat Germ Oil 2%, Purified water, Glycerin, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin Monostearate, Xanthan Gum, Evenin’ Primrose Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance, Lotion Base Q.S.




Baby Moisturizing Lotion

Key Features of Mateo Baby Lotion

  • Deep moisturisation for dry skin
  • Enriched with Shea butter and milk proteins
  • Keep your baby hydrated with natural ingredients
  • Skin microbiome preservation and eczema relief
  • Strengthens the skin barrier and is gentle enough to apply on your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Certified and Dermatologically Tested

How To Use Infant Body Lotion

  • Take moisturiser with a liberal quantity.
  • Apply lotion on the newborn and gently massage.
  • For optimal effects, use it daily.

What are Mateo Best Baby Lotion uses for?

Mateo’s best baby body lotion is enriched with Shea butter and milk proteins that soothe sensitive skin. The best baby lotion uses for newborns keeps them hydrated and smooth.

Is this baby lotion for daily use?

Yes, this best baby body lotion in India is used for daily use. 

Are there any side effects with this body lotion?

No, there are no side effects with this lotion. You can apply it on dry skin to your baby’s skin anytime and wherever it is dry, as long as it is soft and manufactured with safe ingredients. Remember that less is more, and most newborns don’t require lotion to begin with. Consult your paediatrician before beginning with any baby lotion.

Is this body lotion suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, natural ingredients present in the body lotion soothe sensitive skin and smoothen it.

How does lotion for infant dry skin work?

Ingredients in the moisturiser like shea butter and aloe vera lock the moisture of the baby’s skin. It helps to soothe the baby’s skin from dryness and keep hydrated.

3 reviews for Mateo Moisturizing Lotion

  1. Avik

    This baby lotion is amazing. It keeps my little one’s skin so soft and smells wonderful. MUST BUY

  2. Heena

    Iski fragrance bahut acchi hai aur mere bacche ki body bhi soft rahti hai. Saste mein bahut achcha result hai iska.

  3. Anamika

    I have recently purchased this Lotion and I must say that the application of this product is tremendous and the fragrance is mild and pleasant. I really liked this product and would recommend it to all parents. Thank you Mateo for bringing such great products!

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